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Construction company Brigada LV
We present to you one of the most profitable ways to build a reliable, warm eco-house that will last for many years: a modular, wooden frame house. Such a house, consisting of panels, mainly manufactured in the factory, has several advantages over other technologies.
Our company brought together professionals in the field of construction with experience in the field of more than 15 years.
Our team unites specialists from architects, designers, builders, as well as suppliers of materials and subcontractors.
Over the years of construction, we have gained experience, and also collected some of the most common questions and answered them in the section:

From the moment of the idea to the completion of the construction of the house, we will go through together.

Stages and procedure

Consultation and preliminary calculation. Project selection. Meeting and coordination of cooperation details.
Signing cooperation agreements / obtaining permission and / or building a house.
All the necessary work on the design and coordination in the management system.
More details in the section:
Foundation construction.
Production, delivery and installation of the house.

The process of installing the house panels and final assembly on the finished foundation takes much less time than the construction of a brick and concrete house. For example, a house up to 150 sq.m can be assembled in a two-week period.

Installation of the house

One of the most recent Brigada Lv projects is the construction of several turnkey frame houses in the Faroe Islands. A full construction cycle has been carried out - from the construction of the foundation to the installation of furniture.
Construction of a wooden frame house - Faroe Islands


The most common questions of our customers.

We are pleased to tell and demonstrate why it is worth building houses with Brigada.lv
What is timber frame house?
A house built on wooden frame technology is a house - walls, the roof and structures of which consist of wood, insulation and additional protective materials. The skeleton of the house is a frame that provides strength and reliability of the structure. A heater specially created for this type of construction provides excellent thermal insulation and a low coefficient of heat loss, fits into the panel. And vapor barrier, windproof and diffusion films protect the house from wind and moisture, as well as other negative environmental influences.
Most parts are manufactured at the factory. At the construction site, ready-made panels are installed and the house is finally assembled.
Advantages over other types of construction?
A frame house built in compliance with all construction norms has several advantages over conventional brick and aerated concrete structures: A frame house is built 4 times faster, loses heat by 15% and costs an average of 40% less than a brick house of similar sizes. Since both the structures and the insulation (wood processing product) consist of wood, the house "breathes" forming a favorable, comfortable, microclimate. Also, the ease of construction allows the use of more profitable types of foundation.
Heat loss
Energy efficiency is how much energy you have to spend to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. It is classified into classes from A ++ to G. Our houses correspond to class B, which is very good in Latvia, some projects are energy efficient - class A. To increase the temperature by 1 degree (Celsius) in the same houses, approximately 44% less energy is required than in block houses. Saving on heating costs is a nice advantage of a frame house.
Are they strong?
The wooden frame house, created for a full-fledged stay and corresponding to all building codes, is a very strong construction, resistant to all weather conditions. The strength of each house is calculated by the designer, including using computer programs, based on the conditions of construction.
What materials are used? What is the quality?
The frame house mainly consists of wood. Only selected calibrated lumber of class C24 is used in the production - humidity 18%. In minor places, materials of class C16 are used. Insulation and other materials are used only by manufacturers verified by years: Paroc, Rockwool, Isover.
How long does production and construction take?
The production of a house with an area of 150 sq.m takes up to two, three weeks. After the panels are manufactured and delivered to the construction site, and the foundation is ready, it will take another two to three days to assemble them together, and about a week or two for the final assembly of the house, for example, the final assembly of the roof.
Our suppliers and partners
Over the years, we have built trust with partners and suppliers.
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